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2021 Elections

01 September 2021 Association news
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September, for some the go-back-to-school month, but for us, the Rubika Alumni Association, it’s the start for the Bureau Election!

Would you like to apply to be the new Bureau team of the Rubika Alumni Association? Perfect timing, we accept applications starting today! up to September 30th, midnight (UTC+1)!


How does it go?

The Bureau is elected each year for a one-year mandate. Even though the current bureau is enlisted again, it is important for the association members to be able to apply and campaign!

Here are the different steps of the election timeline:

The elections will follow three steps:

  • The period to call for entries, starting today.
  • The campaign period: for 25 days, each list can communicate to present its members and convince other alumni to elect them. They can use the association’s networks.
  • Finally, the election week: alumni will be able to vote for their best list on We Are Rubika and make our beautiful alumni community thrive! 

(If need be, there will be a 2nd round)


What does it mean to be elected to the association’s bureau?

If you want to know more about the association, its values and the roles of people in it (and to see the faces of people you’re gonna replace), you can find all the information here: the association and the bureau.

For even more details, we invite you to check the association’s statutes (English translation coming soon). They are public and often updated with the Administration Board’s approval.

No rush! We planned a month of handover between the current team and the next to ensure you have all the keys in hand for your mandate!


How to apply?

You can find all the details about it in the statutes, but since they’re a bit long, here’s just an extract:

“Candidates must present a list of three people, a president, a treasurer and a secretary along with at least one substitute out of the three positions. The list can have up to six people. All candidates must be active Alumni members or full members. [...] The lists must be sent digitally to the Bureau before the announced date. They must include first name, last name and the role of each candidate. The lists must be approved by the Bureau, to check they meet the said criteria. Then, after the call for lists, the Bureau will publish them.”

If only one list is registered at the end of the call for entries, it will be automatically elected. Its members will present themselves, their intentions and projects the following month instead of campaigning.

Send us your lists to with the subject: “Elections 2021 / List”.


We’re waiting for you!

Let’s meet on October 1st to find out the official candidates!


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