RUBIKA Alumni is the alumni association of RUBIKA (Supinfocom, Supinfogame and the Higher Institute of Design).
Its ambition is to federate and animate a community of nearly 4000 Alumni, present in more than 50 countries.

RUBIKA Alumni's missions are as follows :

  • to support alumni in their careers
  • to animate the network through professional and private events
  • to develop relationships between students, graduates and companies
  • to spread the Rubika spirit in France and abroad, by defending its values and getting involved in the development of our training courses.


The directors of RUBIKA ALUMNI undertake to ensure that the actions of the association are in accordance with the values defined hereafter:

  • Independence

The association is made BY Rubika graduates FOR Rubika graduates and future Rubika graduates. It naturally collaborates closely with the Rubika school for its good functioning but remains independent and must serve the interests of its members above all else.

  • Community

RUBIKA ALUMNI is dedicated to maintaining and developing the links between courses and promotions after graduation. Its mission is to bring together its members through professional or informal events, to encourage interaction and exchange within the Rubika family.

  • Share

RUBIKA ALUMNI is based on the conviction that graduates have things to learn, whether it’s between courses or between promotions. The association is committed to cultivating a spirit of mutual aid among its members, both professionally and personally.

  • Inclusivity

In order to allow exchange, the association and the members of RUBIKA ALUMNI must maintain a benevolent environment for all, and this through all its actions ; whatever the profession, the field, the age, the sex, the gender, the sexual orientation, the colour of the skin, the experience, the confession, the political orientation...

A project group has been set up to work on the creation of this new association.

It is composed of:

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