The Management Board, or MB, was created in order to look after the association’s values: to make sure they are respected. How? By approving the Bureau’s initiatives, validating the budget, also by checking the association’s accounts. The MB decides who can be an honorary member or benefactor. Finally, it ensures a good communication between the Rubika Alumni association and Rubika.

 To keep the MB balanced and inclusive, six members constitute the board:

  • One representative from each sector, Game, Design and Animation. Each member is elected for a three-year mandate. 
  • One representative from the Rubika Administration
  • One representative from the Student Union
  • The Bureau’s President of Rubika Alumni. 

All of this to guarantee a strong and lasting association.



Alumni Rubika Game 2008
Board - General Administrator

Caroline OGEZ 

Alumni Rubika Design 2006
Board - Alumni Representative

Béatrice VIGUIER

Alumni Rubika Animation 2018
Board - Alumni Representative