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Crunch, harassment, disorganisation... Rubika Alumni's answer

08 April 2021 Association news
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We are members of the Rubika Alumni association, but above all, former Rubika students (or schools from the Supinfocom Group). We acknowledge and we won’t ignore the events and suffering brought to light by Libération and Gamekult’s articles (they can be found below this news). They mention among others harsh working conditions, harassment, discrimination and organisation issues which impact students in game-oriented schools, Rubika being one of them.

Even if not everyone experienced or witnessed the said events, even if a lot would say they had “enjoyable” studies, it is our responsibility to open our eyes. We have to accept and acknowledge those issues exist so we can solve them together and help the people who suffered from them. It is not tolerable that those expensive formative years, essential to our growth as individuals, can be experienced by some as painful, with dropping out being an option.

When those behaviors are tolerated in schools, they will inevitably find their way into the industry. Those articles bind all of us, from the intern to leadership, to face this reality and start having the right conversations. 

This enlightenment brought to us by Gamekult and Libération offers us a great opportunity to listen, to inform and to teach companies as well as schools. But also to listen to an individual level, professionals, students, so they can be the actors of deep changes needed in our industry.

As an alumni association, we have to help the development of a lasting vigilance on those subjects.

We would like to work with Rubika, its students and alumni, but also unions and companies to help them be the change.

This is why we will keep on strengthening our relations with student associations across all campuses. They are already a part of our association’s board. So together, we can ensure decent working and living conditions at school.

Rubika also committed to give access to the Rubika Alumni Association a seat on its own board. This is a strong offer. You can count on us to voice alumni’s thoughts. We will also be able to ensure measures are taken to solve those issues. We will use this seat to bring an external vision, but internal to the different industries corresponding to each specialty, animation, game and design. This will help answer the problems mentioned in the articles and allow us to conceive a better learning and working environment.

To allow alumni to take part in those discussions and decisions, we remind you that it is possible to contact us at any time at this email address: 

We will also open a Discord server. We invite anyone who wishes to join ongoing conversations or create new ones. This is a first step and we wish to evolve this platform according to the members’ wishes and needs.

We wish to express once more our support to the people who suffered, directly or indirectly, from those working conditions, harassment, discrimination and/or organisation issues from the different schools.

Together, schools, students, Alumni, let’s act to insure no one else suffers in their studies and professional career.



The Rubika Alumni Team


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